Q: What do I need to do to setup my own Paxifi store.

A: There are four (4) simple steps to follow and you’re up and running.

1. Download the App from App Store or Google Play Store

2. Register your store and print your sticker to promote your store

3. Choose which goods to sell, procure them, set price, taxes and photos

4. Activate your store, you’re up and running

Q: What payment methods does Paxifi support.

A: Right now we support cash only with electronic payment options coming soon. You will likely see Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay and/or Bitcoin in future releases as options we are evaluating, in our aim to provide the best transaction convenience to passengers and to reduce transaction costs.

Q: Does Paxifi supply goods to sell in my Store 

A: No. We do provide a sticker to you by email with a QR code. It is free for you to print at home or at your local print store. Paxifi is an m-commerce platfrom. We provide the technology to create your store, manage your business and to receive payments. It’s entirely up to you what you choose to sell and how you wish to price your goods. We will however provide guidance and coaching to drivers, to share tips and suggestions on which goods are the most profitable and best selling across our base of drivers. As we grow, we’re also planning to negotiate some bulk discount deals for you in our larger cities. In the mean time, we encourage you to find the best possible suppliers that sell convenience goods in bulk, that can be on-sold in small quantities to give you the best margins.

Q: Does Paxifi have a model catalog of items to sell?

A: We have developed a list of things we think passengers want from the convenience of the vehicle. You can find it here:


Q: Are the any restrictions on which goods I can sell? 

A: Yes. We reserve the right to block / suspend any accounts found to be engaged in illegal activites, or engaging in activities that are deemed defamatory, violent or in any way contradictory to the overall interests of Paxifi and drivers and passengers using the platform. We will respond to requests from various authorites to suspend or remove accounts. We aim to operate in harmony with laws and regulations as well as operate with integrity.

Please read our terms and conditions when downloading the app. We do not provide legal advice on any local laws and licensing rules governing taxi / private drivers licenses and any restrictions that may be on place.

Q: Can I rely on Paxifi’s tax settings?

A: We’ve worked incredibly hard to build our tax database to help you, but it is close to impossible to maintain this to be 100% accurate. Our tax module is provided to you on a best efforts basis to help you comply with local tax requirements. We will respond to any tips or suggestions to imporve our tax module. Store operators are fully responisble for their own tax obligations and Paxifi accepts no liability for any failure of store owners to meet their tax obligations. Store owners should seek their own tax advice if uncertain.

Q: I don’t own my own vehicle, how can I display the sticker?

A: There are many ways to do this. Attaching your sticker to something you can display and move between vehicles is simple – eg, soft cardboard to hang around headrest of driver seat. What is most important is that you always put the safety of passengers first and don’t display in a manner that could cause injury or interfere with vehicle safety systems.

Q: How do I store my goods in the vehicle?

A: There is no single method for this and it depends on many factors – especially the type of vehicle and the goods the driver chooses to sell. The most important factor is to never jeopardise safety. Goods should never be handed over while the vehicle is moving or stopped in an unsafe position. Vehicles have many safe storage areas. Certain types of goods may require special storage or cooling, eg drinks. Store owners should determine these requirements. Generally speaking, mobile stores work best selling small items that are easy to store. The are however a number of scenarios where drivers may consider investing in addtional secure storage – rooftop boxes or even trailers. We do not provide guidance on these things.