Paxifi Calls for End to Global Taxi Wars

The world’s newest entrant into the global taxi and limo scene, Paxifi, has called for an immediate end to the global taxi wars. Tensions have been escalating between drivers, established cab companies, rideshare operators and regulators across the globe. New technologies and business models are threatening the livelihood of many drivers.

At Paxifi, we believe there is a better way forward for the industry. It’s about creating new revenue streams for drivers, not disrupting existing ones. It’s about taking care of the livelihood of the driver first, whilst serving unmet needs of passengers. Taxi drivers in many parts of the world are amongst the lowest paid people on the planet. Whilst the taxi technology wars promise to deliver more convenience to passengers, many drivers have been losers as margins are squeezed and competition escalates by the day.

That’s why we created Paxifi. We want to bring an end to the taxi wars and shift the industry into thinking beyond just fares and tips. We asked ourselves, what is it that drivers can do to earn extra income, whilst creating a better passenger experience?

Passengers worldwide have been long had the need for a solution that provides for necessities during the convenience of the journey. How often have you asked a cab driver to stop at a convenience store? Snacks, water, lipstick, condoms, headache tablets are some of things people need on demand. There are also situational goods like unbrellas, suncreen, pens and sanitary items. Let’s not forget as well the need for passengers to keep their mobile devices charged. Paxifi has created the platform to help drivers solve for these needs. We’ve created the ability for drivers to become true micro-entrepreneurs, to sell the goods of their choice, wherever they are about town.  Quite simply, we are creating the platform to put the convenience store on wheels.

Paxifi is the world’s first mobile commerce store platform designed first for taxi and limo drivers.

Co-Founder Thomas Meyer said “m-Commerce that’s where and when you need it will drive the next wave of urban logistics and supply chain innovation. It’s an obvious extension to traditional mobile commerce. There’s no reason why the convenience store has to be in a fixed location like in the past. Today we’re taking the convenience store on wheels. What’s really more exciting for us however, is that Paxifi is going to enable drivers around the world to enrich their lives with extra income and to wow their passengers with a better experience. We can’t even begin to imagine all the possible goods and services drivers will be able to sell using our platform”.

Paxifi is now live for users in the UK and USA.